At Graczyk Thompson we treat every property as if it was our own.

Every member of our team, at every level, is involved in the management of each property. From the person who takes the call informing us of an issue, to the person who comes out to evaluate and execute a solution, we, as a team, work together for resolution.

This top to bottom approach is the result of our two founders, Adrian and Matt who with their combined 15 years industry experience have learnt to always put people before property. With this approach, solutions benefiting all parties happen organically.

Graczyk Thompson Property

This result comes by giving the same weight to property sales as to property management, assuring that main property contacts are senior level managers, maintaining low staff to portfolio ratios, and being available whenever you need.

These company commitments backed up by our team’s high attention to detail, efficient processing, good knowledge of all suburban areas and a strict customer focus, make Graczyk Thompson a property management agency with a difference. Our clients depend on our trustworthiness, direct communication and resolute care – and we always deliver.

Meet Edwina Gilbert

Our Property Management Team

Nicole, Brooke, Tayla and Blair.

Property management is not just the art of looking after buildings, it is the art looking after people’s investments and homes. By putting people first, our team always find practical solutions to satisfy every client, be they a landlord or tenant.

By approaching their roles proactively and positively, they are able to manage avoidable problems, fix issues quickly and meet each person’s needs, landlord and tenant alike.

Meet Cameron Alexander

Blair Mutch

Leasing Specialist and Business Development Manager

I am inspired by great leaders and innovative minds. I am driven by the people with whom I work and that makes my work satisfying and rewarding. Both as a professional and as a person, I genuinely believe we can all make a difference. Communication is a keyword in the workplace today, but to me it is more than just a word. The essence of communication is vast and diverse. It is about gaining a complete understanding through really listening to your customers and colleagues alike.

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