The Graczyk Thompson brand is more than a real estate agency. It’s our way of managing property sales whilst cultivating value in numbers, and in human connection. That’s what sets us apart from the rest of the market and motivates us to build a legacy that we’re proud to have our names associated with.


Adrian Graczyk


With more than 12 years in real estate, Adrian’s intuition and modern approach to property see him open opportunities and close sales – day in, day out. As an exceptionally-organised and efficient agent, Adrian applies his vast knowledge and expertise to every listing.


Matt Thompson


As a highly-driven, energised agent, Matt never loses sight of his client’s best interests. With his ability to read every situation, and the excellent negotiation skills he brings to the table, Matt will be an invaluable asset to your property journey.


Emelyn Hinrichs

Administrator to Adrian & Matt

Emelyn provides valuable assistance in all things marketing and administration, ensuring every client receives personalised and comprehensive experience with Graczyk Thompson.


Nicole Lathouras

Head of Property Management

With 10 years of Property Management experience, Nicole has a reputation for always going above and beyond for her clients. She believes a Head of Property Management position brings a great sense of responsibility to clients entrusting their most valuable asset to her care.


Blair Mutch

Leasing Specialist

As our leasing specialist, Blair helps our new tenants find their dream home, and assists our landlords with the leasing process.


Brooke Mansfield

Senior Property Manager

Gaining experience working alongside the best in the industry, Brooke has harnessed a motivation to successfully manage client investments with genuine care and outstanding service. Never short of a smile, Brooke thrives on making authentic, long-lasting client relationships.


Pablo Thompson

CFO (Chief Fetching Officer)

Pablo is our greeting specialist, ensuring every client walks out the door with a smile. His vast background in fetching and belly rubs makes him a well loved member of the team.

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